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Who We Are?

Nitin C Patel the founder of T CON Food Products had started distribution business of confectionary into the year of 2012 from SURAT - Gujarat. With wide exposure, deep understanding and insight of this business I thought of starting my own production in house. This dream came true in the year 2010.

I am duly supported by my highly efficient brothers Naresh C. Patel. Himmat C Patel , Pravin C Patel

The name “T.CON” came from

- T from our village name “TANA”

- CO name came from coco based product chocolate we are manufacturing

- N came from the founder of the company that is Nitin C Patel

About Us

From the day one my motive was to sustain and grow gradually into the market with one strategy and that was “TO DELIVER THE BEST TEST”.

Eventually by putting all worthy efforts, I have established myself & my company's business into the Confectionary Trading Market of ALL OVER INDIA and growing further exponentially.

Starting from the literal production of coco based products chocolate. This basket includes Lolly-Pop, Chocolates, Center-Filled flavour Candy, compound chocolate, celebration gift pack

Our Vision

Our customers are children younger than 12-15 years. We make sure that their health is not compromised. We usegood ingredients and try our best for
cleanliness and safety inside the manufacturing plant. We are confidentthat our two rupees, five ten-rupee product should satisfy children.The
response that T.con food productshave received from India is the trust of the customer and we will keep trying to prove it.


Our Secret

Tcon food products only uses the finest ingredients in its products, ensuring the goods that we send out into the market are of the almost quality .TCON believes in order to give the Real taste of any product, real ingredients should be used & not cheaper substitutes.

Our production includes a highly-customized, automated system but does not forgot the importance of the human touch, while still adhering to strict quality control measures at every stage of production, packaging, and delivery.

Combining technology and people is what ensures that our products are the best.

Without our dedicated, skilled, and loyal team members, TCON FOOD PRODUCTS would not be where it is today.

Our passion

Chocolate are not just our business, they are our passion love, care, and affection that would go into preparing for our own family To us, chocolates that go out into the market are not merely our product line, but are our way to bring something we love into our customers’ homes.

Our Core purpose is to help people express their happiness in a memorable way. our chocolate that are universally enjoyed by family and friends and make a part of all life's celebrations and memories.